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SULVenture is a Clean Technology developer and manufacturer. Our mission is to find solutions for a sustainable future, Providing Clean Power to those who don’t have access to it. Our goal is to reach 1.2 billion who are living without electricity, imagine the new ideas, solutions and opportunities by giving them the resources to have enough power for a basic need with a sustainable solution. SULVenture is for the Humanity future and sustainability.


In early 2016 Integracast MENA acquired locally developed technology and to form Sulventure, Headquartered in Dubai and a development centre in Jordan.


Our Goals
  • Developing clean and sustainable technologies by using renewable resources to help individuals, organisation and countries to face the challenges in the power sector, such as cost and availability by offering efficient solutions.

  • Developing technologies that would help reduce the cost and the environmental impact on existing non-renewable resources.




Sustainable & Smart Cities 

Planning a new way of Work, Play and living, A green signature concept cities that will utilise the latest new clean and sustainable technologies. 


Call for Inventors  

As part of our main focus is to solve problems by creating opportunities, we have incubation program for everyone have a worthy idea, and feel it's related to our field of interest, We are looking for disruptors who would join us in our journey.

Drop us a line on as we are looking forward to knowing more.


the team
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